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Tired of being employed? Of working longer than 8 hours a day and still not earning enough?

Want to have the freedom of your own time while earning more than just being an employee?

Be part of Maxicare’s growing roster of Agency and reward yourself with the Maximum Income Potential as Maxicare’s Sales Partner!!!


Get hyped with lots of advantage Maxicare has to offer while you keep earning. Be pushed with the following benefits:

  • High Income awaits you as a reward for performing consistently.
  • Training and Development Opportunities
  • Travel Incentives


Do you think you have what it takes to be a Maxicare’s Sales Partner? Assess yourself and check if you’ve got the qualities that we are looking for.

  • College Level
  • Service Oriented
  • Goal Oriented
  • Good Convincing Power
  • Willing to Learn
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Team player


Other important requirements are as follows:

Age Requirement : 18 to 65 yrs. old.
Educational Attainment : Graduated (at least) from Secondary Level (High school)
  1. Accomplish and forward the following requirements to the Accreditation Officer:
    • Two (2) pieces Passport size or 2x2 picture in BLUE background color;
    • Two (2) pieces 1x1 picture in ANY background color;
    • Two (2) pieces photocopies of two(2) valid IDs;
    • TIN number and/or latest ITR;
    • Original and valid of either NBI / Police / Barangay Clearance;
  2. Attend the Product Training to be scheduled by the Accreditation Officer;
  3. Pass the Accreditation Exam;
  4. Review and sign the Service Agreement to be provided by the Accreditation Officer;
  5. Pay the Accreditation Fee of Php 1000.00;and pay the ATM initial deposit of Php 100.00

Once you've paid the accreditation fee, you will be given your Agent Code and Kit.

Have we got your interest to become one of our accredited agents? You may apply now through our online application. Simply fill out all the required fields and wait until a Maxicare Accreditation Officer calls you for an interview. Click Apply Now!

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